For more than twenty six years, Arthritic CMC Thumb Brace, Co. has supplied its customers with more than just a great hand brace for thumb and wrist pain.   We create a drug-free alternative to addressing Carpal-Metacarpal (CMC) pain.   Formerly based in Odessa, Texas and now in Austin, Texas,  we just arrived online to ensure our global clientele has full access to information and convenient ordering through our medical supply store.

At Arthritic CMC Thumb Brace Company, we know your health is a priority. For thumb and wrist pain from arthritis in the hands---in particular, carpal-metacarpal syndrome and other degenerative physical disorders affecting the thumb joint, there is a time proven aide.  Our hands are critical in accomplishing the daily tasks of life and when pain interferes with the use of our hands,  we are compromised in our quality of life and prevented from engaging in the very activity prescribed to stave off degeneration.   That's where the Arthritic CMC Thumb Brace Company comes in.  Our customers tell us that our brace allowed them to engage in the  physical activity recommended by their doctors-- bringing vitality and enjoyment back to their lives. Our job is to help you keep joint pain from interfering with the things that define a healthy lifestyle without surgery or prescription drugs.  

Our braces are made of top grain cowhide and supple pigskin lining for the ultimate in durability and comfort.  After 26 years and selling over 100,000 braces, we have learned that these braces assist those who:

*   Type and text daily.

*   Need a stabilized grip in order to accomplish daily tasks.

*   Experience aches and pains in the thumb and wrist joints after an activity.

*   Would engage in more physical activities for recreation with thumb

        joint support.            


Measure from the thumb knuckle to the wrist:

Extra Small:     3 3/4"

​Small:               3 7/8 to 4 1/4

Medium:           4 3/8 to 4 3/4

Large:               4 7/8 and up

Braces are just $34.95 with free shipping.

     ****Practitioners and physicians:  15% discounts on ten or more braces!!!

Arthritic Cmc Thumb Brace Co.

An All Leather Thumb Brace For Thumb And Wrist Pain


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1.   Who is the brace for exactly?    

       Anyone who is experiencing pain in the thumb to wrist joints from exertion .     

2.   Why does it help?

       Pain occurs from inflammation of the soft tissue when over-exerted.  

       The brace provides stability, thereby, reducing this reaction.

 3.   How long will a brace last me?

​       While use and exposure to moisture are variables, some brace wearers                    have used theirs for years.  The durable ortho-leather used lasts much                    longer than synthetic materials.

*    Why does this design work better than the other gloves I've seen?  

      The light weight of the materials, the breathability and maximum movement           a  favorably to more rigid and heavier designs.

*    Who endorses this product?

      Rheumatologists, Arthritic Pain Clinics, Sports Injury physicians, Physical              Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists have                  ordered and passed on to their clients and patients this brace with solid                  results.   With almost thirty years of direct sales to the  citizen experiencing            the pain , we have a drawer full of hand-written and emailed kudos on how              the product has worked for them.   Below are just a few of the quotes from            our direct contact with users.


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What our customers say.....

HOW TO ORDER.....Three ways to order braces:

*  Mail-in Order Form Below:

Fill out the contact information below describing the size and quantity of braces needed; we will respond with a total.  Mail a check or money order to:   Arthritic Thumb Brace Co, 6906 Chinook Drive, Austin, Tx 78736 and receive your brace(s) within a few days.

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"Thank you very much for the brace.  It has been helping --- a LOT!  " Susan K.

"This is the best brace ever!"  Pene.H.

"Thank you so much!!  Your product has helped me become pain free in          my thumb                     and wrist"     Janice G. 


  "Thank you for your prompt reply,  .....the woman who recommended this brace said she             ordered ten for each hand. "  Jan O.

  " Dear Jessie,  Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy the brace for my hand.  I am able             to do my needle work again without so much pain".   Jane T.

   "  Dear Jessie,  Thanks for being so nice on the phone.  Looking forward to wearing my               brace and hitting the golf balls again.  S.T.

   "  I'd heard so much about this brace from my clinic staff.  I'm glad to find you so I can                 order directly.  Keep up the good work! "    Stephanie  E.

​   "  I just got them and I'm playing my piano again! "   Sheila D. from Cleveland

​   " boss loves the braces and wants to order another pair"....Tina G